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Fishing Report Pensacola Florida 10/26/18-11/04/18

While the weather has been marginal at best, the fishing has been great when the weather allows us to get out there! Inshore we are starting to see a few of the big bull redfish in Pensacola Bay. We are also seeing a few starting to show up along Pensacola Beach. Sight fishing these fish in the shallow water is a blast! Using bucktail jigs or large curly tail grubs have had best results for these fish. Slot redfish are being caught as well with live bait on Carolina Rigs in the lower parts of Pensacola Bay. With the lower water temps. bait will become scarce making these fish really hungry! 

Offshore we are seeing a few pelagics still around. We took a trip out deep and trolled up a few Mahi and a nice black fin tuna. We also heard numerous reports of wahoo and even a few marlin! While we were out there we bottom fished and caught a few nice groupers and even managed a crazy King Snake EEL! This thing was over 6 foot long!! Got some meat in the fridge and gunna give it a shot to see how it is. If you can catch the weather just right the fishing is awesome right now! On a fishing charter yesterday we had a good variety of keeper snappers in the box. Vermillion, Mangrove, and Lane snapper were biting pretty good and ended up having a good box for the clients to take home. Hope to see y 'all on the water! 

Thanks and be safe

Captain Zack Strickland, Strickly Fishing Charters

Fishing Report Pensacola 10/18/18-10/25/18

With the temperatures dropping and the water temperature dropping with, the fall fishing is here! We are still seeing a lot of keeper and over slot redfish in Pensacola bay. These fish are eating just about anything as a last ditch effort before the winter months arrive. We are also still seeing some kingfish in the bay and the average size fish is 20+ pounds! These fish are being caught on live menhaden fished on the surface. While king fishing we are also seeing some big Spanish mackerel. When I say big I mean in the 6-8 pound range! We are also starting to see the trout stage up in there fall/winter pattern. Deeper holes and slower lure retrieves seem to work best for the trout this time of year and will continue to get deeper and slower as winter approaches. 

Y'all be safe and thanks for reasding

Captain Zack Strickland, Strickly Fishing charters



Fishing Report Pensacola Florida 10/10/18-10/17/18

With hurricane Michael making his presence known along the Florida panhandle, Pensacola Florida is back up and running and so are the fish!!! Although the wind and seas have mostly kept up inshore we are having some great fishing!! Inside Pensacola bay we are catching redfish... and lots of them! Limits are being caught and these fish are hungry! Fishing structure is key to success. Along Pensacola beaches we are seeing a lot of redfish starting to come in to the bay to get ready for the Fall Run of BIG bull redfish! Also we are starting to see some of the larger king mackerel showing up in the bay. One word seems to ring true and that is Patience. The flounder have also be fairly decent and we have caught a few each trip. Now is the time to get out there and get to fishing!!!!


Good luck and see y 'all around

Captain Zack Strickland, Strickly Fishing Charters


Fishing Report for Pensacola Florida 10/03/18-10/09/18


Fishing in Pensacola this week has still been nothing short of spectacular! Although the weather has been marginal at best, we are still seeing some great inshore and offshore action! Inshore we are still seeing a lot of reds! These high winds have not stopped the redfish bite. Best techniques have been bucktail jigs worked a long the bottom and sub-surface. We are also starting to see a few king mackerel in the bay along with a lot of sharks and the fun fighting jack crevelle. Offshore we are seeing quite a bit of Spanish mackerel, bonita, vermillion snapper, and some barracudas. The action has been very consistent and has made for some pretty good trips! With hurricane Michael in our sites we may not have a lot of fishing for the next coiuple days but I promise we will start right where we left off!

Yall be safe out there!

Captain Zack Strickland, Strickly Fishing Charters


Fishing Report Pensacola Florida 9/26/18-10/02/18

While most of the week has been too rough to get offshore, the inshore fishing in Pensacola Florida has been pretty good! We are seeing a lot of redfish. Some Slot size redfish are being caught with the live bait on a Carolina rig. The bigger bull redfish are being caught on large curly tail grubs with a 1-2 oz. lead head. The bulls seem to be schooled up and have been giving clients the fight of a lifetime. This is a good sign of what is to come this fall with the redfish run in Pensacola Bay! If you want to catch multiple fish over 20 pounds get on the books now! It is sure to be a great season!

Thanks as always and remember to take a kid fishing!

Captain Zack Strickland, Strickly Fishing Charters


Fishing Report for Pensacola Florida 9/18/18-9/25/18

Fishing has been nothing short of spectacular this week in Pensacola Florida. The weather was nice for most of the week and we had some great trips in those days!  Inshore we are seeing some Spanish mackerel and redfish. Tactics have been live Pilchards. Free lining the Pilchards on a drift has proven best for Spanish mackerel while Carolina rigging has proved great for the Redfish. Offshore we are still seeing a lot of vermillion Snapper. It has not been a problem to go out there and get dinner for the family!!! We are also still catching a few Amberjacks. They are feeding on big live baits such as grunts. Right now the action in Pensacola is as good as it gets! The weather is starting to cool down a bit and with that we can expect some good fishing in the next few weeks! Be sure to check us out and get on the books while the "gettin' is good"!


Tightlines and Blue Skies 

Captain Zack Strickland, Strickly Fishing Charters


Fishing Report for 09/12/18-09/17/18

Fishing has been a lot of the same here in Pensacola Florida! We are still seeing a lot of good fishing inshore and offshore. Inshore we are seeing quite a few redfish still. We are also seeing quite a few mangrove snapper and flounder. Using live pilchards on a Carolina rig are giving best results. Offshore we are still seeing a good showing of vermillion snappers. We are also seeing a few other type of snappers like lane snapper and mangrove snapper. These fish are being caught on the big artificial and natural coral bottom reefs. Offshore we are seeing a few scamp grouper and amberjacks as well. Live bait is the key to catching these fish. We still have plenty of good weather and good fishing so be sure to get in on the action while you can!

Thanks for Reading!

Captain Zack Strickland, Strickly Fishing Charters

FIshing Report for 09/04/18-09/11/2018


Fishing has been awesome this past week in Pensacola!! We finally had great weather and the fishing was just the same. Offshore we found some quality scamp grouper and vermillion snappers! Most of these fish are being caught on live bait on Carolina rigs. I can honestly say I've never seen the size and quantity of the vermillion snappers like we have this year. Inshore we are seeing redfish of every size! We lucked up and found a nice school of bulls going down the beach today! It was awesome time seeing my clients catch some of the biggest fish of their life! We are also seeing keeper redfish as we were last week using live shrimp and live pilchards. While fishing for the redfish we have also caught some nice mangrove snapper and an occasional flounder. After tropical storm Gordon the fishing has only got better. The amount of rainfall we had has pushed the fish out of the upper bays and moved them to the Pensacola pass area and in great numbers! If you have been wanting to go fishing now is the time!!!

Tight lines and Blue Skies,

Captain Zack Strickland

Strickly Fishing Charters

Fishing Report for 08/27/18-09/03/18 For Pensacola Florida

While most of the week was messed up due to the weather, the days we did get to go the fish were biting!!! We caught quite a few Spanish mackerel in the Gulf using live pilchards and tsunami glass minnow jigs! trolling the jigs and drift fishing the live baits provided the best results. Inshore we are seeing a lot of redfish. We are using live pilchards on a Carolina rig to catch these hard fighting great eating fish. Also we are catching quite a few mangrove snapper and flounder as well. these fish are caught using the same rigs as mentioned for the red fish. finding a good piece of structure is key to the success of catching these fish. If you have been wondering about booking a charter in Pensacola Florida now is the time! With the water temperature dropping with upcoming cold fronts we are sure to see a lot of action! 


Tight Lines and Good Vibes,

Captain Zack Strickland, Strickly Fishing Charters

From Summer to Fall; What to Expect for Fishing in Pensacola

With the summertime fishing coming to an end in Pensacola Florida, I would like to talk about the fishing that we had this year and what to expect in the fall. This summer in Pensacola Florida the fishing was nothing short of spectacular. Of course everyone was excited for the red snapper season. We had a lot of great catches in the 40-day season and I believe the 2019 season will be even better. Normally at the end of the season the fish become scarce and hard to find due to overfishing, this was not the case this year and that leads me to believe that the season next year will be even better. We also caught a lot of Spanish mackerel and king mackerel this year. These hard fighting, fast running fish are sure to bring a smile to any Anglers. Seeing a Big King jump out of the water after your bait is what many Anglers dream of! The Spanish mackerel is the smaller cousin of the king mackerel but still put on a hard fight and it is not uncommon to catch a five to six pound Spanish on light tackle. We also had a great show of Vermilion Snapper this year. The quantity and quality of these fish was the best I've ever seen! These fish are open year-round and tastes just as good if not better than the red snapper. We also had a great catch of Triggerfish this year. These hard fighting great eating fish are found in the large coral reefs that Pensacola Florida has to offer. We also had a lot of amberjacks this year as well. These hard fighting "Reef Donkeys" are some of the best eating fish that Pensacola has to offer!

Now that we have talked about what happened this summer I would also like to talk about what to expect in the fall for fishing in Pensacola. One of the most well-known fishing Adventures we have to offer is the bull redfish run in Pensacola Bay. We will see football field size schools of redfish crashing baits on top of the water! This provides some of the most exciting fishing with topwater being a possibility and even a shot at a big fish on a fly. We also have some of the bigger king mackerel that was starting to show up in local Pensacola Bay chasing the same schools of bait fish. The offshore fishing will also be great in the next coming months. We will continue to see Vermillion snappers, amberjack, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, and triggerfish. Also the chances of a mahi-mahi and Blackfin tuna increase this time of year with the water temperatures slowly dropping bringing these pelagics closer to shore.

Please be sure to keep up with the blogs we will be posting. We will have a lot of informative information on how where and when to catch certain fish in this area. Thanks for reading and tight lines from Strickly Fishing Charters!


Captain Zack Strickland
Strickly Fishing Charters

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