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From Summer to Fall; What to Expect for Fishing in Pensacola

With the summertime fishing coming to an end in Pensacola Florida, I would like to talk about the fishing that we had this year and what to expect in the fall. This summer in Pensacola Florida the fishing was nothing short of spectacular. Of course everyone was excited for the red snapper season. We had a lot of great catches in the 40-day season and I believe the 2019 season will be even better. Normally at the end of the season the fish become scarce and hard to find due to overfishing, this was not the case this year and that leads me to believe that the season next year will be even better. We also caught a lot of Spanish mackerel and king mackerel this year. These hard fighting, fast running fish are sure to bring a smile to any Anglers. Seeing a Big King jump out of the water after your bait is what many Anglers dream of! The Spanish mackerel is the smaller cousin of the king mackerel but still put on a hard fight and it is not uncommon to catch a five to six pound Spanish on light tackle. We also had a great show of Vermilion Snapper this year. The quantity and quality of these fish was the best I've ever seen! These fish are open year-round and tastes just as good if not better than the red snapper. We also had a great catch of Triggerfish this year. These hard fighting great eating fish are found in the large coral reefs that Pensacola Florida has to offer. We also had a lot of amberjacks this year as well. These hard fighting "Reef Donkeys" are some of the best eating fish that Pensacola has to offer!

Now that we have talked about what happened this summer I would also like to talk about what to expect in the fall for fishing in Pensacola. One of the most well-known fishing Adventures we have to offer is the bull redfish run in Pensacola Bay. We will see football field size schools of redfish crashing baits on top of the water! This provides some of the most exciting fishing with topwater being a possibility and even a shot at a big fish on a fly. We also have some of the bigger king mackerel that was starting to show up in local Pensacola Bay chasing the same schools of bait fish. The offshore fishing will also be great in the next coming months. We will continue to see Vermillion snappers, amberjack, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, and triggerfish. Also the chances of a mahi-mahi and Blackfin tuna increase this time of year with the water temperatures slowly dropping bringing these pelagics closer to shore.

Please be sure to keep up with the blogs we will be posting. We will have a lot of informative information on how where and when to catch certain fish in this area. Thanks for reading and tight lines from Strickly Fishing Charters!


Captain Zack Strickland
Strickly Fishing Charters

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